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For New Visitors & Existing, Please Read Before Continuing onto the Site Shop Category's

This is Concerning You & Major Changes @ Jugheads.co & How this Site will Operate Now!

1) 1st & ALWAYS,

Thank-you Very much to ALL of You,We will ALWAYS Continue to Serve the Best we can, In the Best Interest of YOU The Vapor's!

2)The Biggest Change among Many

W/O Going into Great Detail & w/ Much Regret,The Last ''Partner Affiliate'' w/ Jugheads

Has decided to Mutually leave for Various reasons.

We "Were" Under an Agreement w/Him for Most ALL the "Original" Flavoring's & or Recipe's.

MEANING= We Will NO Longer have Access to his "Original" Recipes & therefore

they will NO Longer be offered or available to us or our site once Completely Depleted.

There are a few left over for sale ,BUT Once they have been ALL Sold ,They will be gone for good. Sorry.

3) The Day to Day

Now That we are Completely & Solely a Simple Single Mom/Pops, & Operating more or less Quite Far from any Urban Centre.

& W/O any Chance or Near Impossibility of Hiring or getting Extra Help Immediately.

We have Very Reluctently Decided to put in Place, A Safety Net of Sorts for You & Us.

Because,This Industry has become Very Highly Demanding for Us & Our Popularity has Skyrocketed over a very Short period of Time also,Thank-you.

At Certain Times, We Honestly have NO Way of Keeping up w/o "Risking" Service & Quality to You.

Because of that, We have had to Pace ourselves at Jugheads just to Meet certain Needs & Expectations.

To do this & IF We "Have" too? We will ''Periodically'' Shut the Site down, So not to Fall so Far behind

That ''WE'' Interfere w/ Your Expectations of Service and Quality.

We Realize these Changes are NOT Going to be Accepted by Every1 & Some will be downright Upset.

We understand this & Apologize Profusely. We did Struggle & Still do @ Trying to Run a Very Professional,

Smooth & Tight Quality E-Cig Site. This has been Decided "ONLY" to keep YOUR Best Interest at Heart & in Mind.

Hopefully this will Help Alleviate ,How this Site will Operate from now on & the Use of that "Safety Net" is Minimum.

We Believe ,It is only Proper to Acknowledge this to You in lieu of how we have planned to Proceed & Continue @ Jugheads.co

We are Ultimately doing the Very Best we can for You.

4) Ordering

From NOW on, When you place an Order w/ Jugheads.co,& When you "See" That YOUR Payment has been Collected,

that Means that your Order has been put "Inline" For Processing.

This will usually Take about 24-48hrs to Achieve & You should receive Your Tracking Info the Following Day!

5) Temporarily Closed

Once every so often we will have to Close the site Very Temporarily?

We will Post ALL Info Regarding,Time/Date when Re-Opening.

Check back often IF you like,as its very Intermittent?

To see if this message has been removed & We are back to Normal Business Operations. IT "Should" be NO Longer then 24-48hrs Max.

Sorry for All & Any Inconvenience & Thank-you from Jugheads.co =)

Vape On! Vape PROUD !! VAPE HARD !!!

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